Dedicated Server in Europe

Customers of HostZealot Company have an opportunity to use service of hosting a dedicated server all over the world. This article provides information about hosting of a dedicated server in Europe. Computing facilities of the company are located in the owned areas in European data-centers, which respond to the highest quality standards.

For example, rental of the dedicated server in Holland has following advantages:

  • almost 100% efficiency of energy usage - also positively contributes to the pricing of services;
  • emergency power generators may deliver power supply uninterruptible during 72 hours.
  • multilevel security system;

Placing of server in England is popular owing to the following reasons:

  • being a winner of the Global Carrier Awards 2014, data-center is situated in a business part of London - directly near the high-speed data transfer channels;
  • more than 50 ISPs provide reliable high-speed Internet access;
  • five levels of physical security;
  • redundant power supply based on renewable energy sources.

Another important reason to choose hosting of a dedicated server in Europe is that it is totally reliable from legal point of view to place you data on company’s server. It is also worth of noting that HostZealot company owns server equipment located in European countries and that makes tariff plans more attractive for customers. Due to the facts listed above rental of the dedicated server in Europe is the best option, especially when your project is focused on European users. Additional advantages for HostZealot’s customers, who have decided to order a service of hosting a dedicated server in Europe:

  • hardware equipment of servers from famous brands SuperMicro and Intel;
  • basic configurations are ready almost at once and individual configurations are assembled in a short period of time;
  • free software for equipment monitoring and traffic diagnostic;
  • special tool set from HostZealot allows you to handle any technical issue in a real-time;
  • technical support of clients is always “on”.

Choosing rental of a dedicated server in Europe from HostZealot you can be absolutely sure in stable and secured running of your project!