What is a dedicated server?

Here we’re going to talk about dedicated server hosting from HostZealot company. Dedicated server is a physical server assigned to a single user, who controls it completely and can install any OS, change configuration or undertake regular maintenance at any convenient time.

  • Custom Configuration
  • Fast Provisioning
  • IPMI Interface
  • IPv6 Free subnet
  • Quick Upgrade

Dedicated server hosting is not the cheapest way to place your online project, but its advantages are obvious:

  • reliability and stable running of your resource - using dedicated server you can forget about problems caused by the actions of other users, because resource control and administrating tasks are carried out by the owner only;
  • security - having dedicated server at your disposal, you can adjust security settings by yourself according to the criteria of your project’s work;
  • complete access of your application to the hardware resources at any moment;
  • productivity - it is absolutely possible to make fine tuning of hardware and software to suit your particular needs;
  • ideal for specific tasks - for example, load sharing, creating virtual servers.

Why it is so important to choose a reliable hosting provider?

Because only well experienced players at the hosting services market like HostZealot can offer its clients the following advantages:

  • our specialists will configure sever equipment according to your demands, basic configurations of dedicated servers are already available in an hour;
  • server’s hardware from world leading brands (SuperMicro, Intel);
  • free extra features make control of your equipment easier – possibility of remote access with VPN allows you to restart your server by yourself if needed;
  • you can rent a dedicated server in 6 locations all over the world, dependent on your target audience’s location;
  • redundant power supplies in data-centers minimize risks of energy supply breakdowns;
  • variety of ISPs and POEs guaranties reliable high-speed access to you resource;
  • round-the-clock technical support is always ready to help clients with technical issues connected with hosting.

Dedicated server hosting from HostZealot is a reasonable investment for those, who appreciate time and demand maximum output of internet-project.