Hosting with SSD is becoming more popular lately. This section is about virtual dedicated servers with SSD-caching.

  • SSD Caching
  • VNC Access
  • KVM Virtualization
  • IPv6 Free
  • TUN/TAP Interface

The main difference of the VPS with SSD lies in implementation of a new type of high-speed Solid State Drives (SSD) instead of HDD - traditional hard drives. SSD is the modern generation of drives, which have following advantages:

  • higher speed;
  • mechanical shock resistance;
  • lower energy consumption.

Below is the comparison between HDD and SSD’s main operational characteristics:

  • write speed (HDD|SSD) 96 Mb/s | 460 Mb/s;
  • read speed (HDD|SSD) 120 Mb/s | 550 Mb/s;
  • access speed (HDD|SSD) 560 IOPS | 65000 IOPS;
  • power consumption (HDD|SSD) 15 W | 0,49 W.

Although SSDs have higher speed rates, using them as alternative to SATA/SAS platforms is not always reasonable. SSDs are not so reliable in data’s backup, also platforms totally based on solid drives are distinctively more expensive That is why specialists of HostZealot company successfully implement SSD-caching function along with using SATA platforms. This allows our customers to receive content access speed increased in five times compared to standard SATA/SAS platforms. VPS with SSD-caching may become the best alternative to using a physical dedicated server. In this case customer gets own disk space, predefined volumes of memory and processor’s resources, which depend on a chosen tariff plan. Provision of the root-access allows client to customize server to meet his needs and install any required software. Besides, choosing VPS hosting from HostZealot, customer gets some additional benefits:

  1. high quality server equipment from SuperMicro with Intel CPU;
  2. full support of IPv6;
  3. VNC and SSH root-access;
  4. auxiliary software, which helps to optimize output of the project and comes free of charge;
  5. round-the-clock technical support for the clients.

Virtual dedicated server with SSD-caching from HostZealot is the best combination of reasonable price and performance of your internet-project!